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dsIDXpress Plugin – How it Works

You don’t need this plugin on order to use the theme and its features.  This is optional.

Who uses this plugin – it must be installed separately.

You must have your own Activation Key.

It requires a monthly fee. These are the pricing details


1. the map, pins and icons in header DO NOT work with the IDX plugin properties. They work with properties added in wordpress database (in admin – properties)

2. Advanced search DOES NOT work with properties from IDX plugin. It works for properties added in wp-admin

3. You must use the idx plugin design, features, widgets, shortcodes, lists for properties and agents.

Please see all limitations below.

You can download the plugin from here or you can install it through wp-admin interface.

WP RESIDENCE offers support for the following features of the plugin:

– WP Residence lists dsIDXpress Listings in the header map, up to 50 listings on one page, ONLY when IDX Listing widget is listed on the sidebar*.

– You can change the pin for dsIDXpress Listings in wp-admin

See below the demo pages this plugin supports:

Limitations imposed by dsIDXpress plugin developers:

– *dsIDXpress listings show on the header map ONLY when IDX Listing widget is listed on the sidebar, as we showcase on this page. This widget can show only 50 properties at one time, so only 50 IDX properties can show on the header map.

NOTE: You can create different sidebars with a different IDX Listing widget to show up to 50 listings on the map for different pages.

– The pages imported from dsIDXpress come with the PRIMARY WIDGET AREA sidebar by default.

– Advanced Search doesn’t apply to dsIDXpress listings.

– Google Maps filters don’t apply to dsIDXpress listings.

– Agent page does not show listings by Agent MLS ID number after the contact form.

If you wish some details on what can be done to overcome plugin limitations please read this forum –